Dreams Realized

On November 4th, Obama was elected President and what an awesome day it was. I will never forget watching the tv screen as they put his picture up with the caption '44th President of the United States Of America'. I couldn't believe it to be honest. Of course I wanted him to win but I wasn't confident America would pull through and get it done. I never felt so proud to be an American before.

Obama will definitely be one of the most distinguished (not to mention attractive, hehe) Presidents we've ever had. The entire Obama family is like a breath of fresh air-so wholesome but yet real. We need to see that. It's great to know that now when I tell my children they can be President too, I'm not just saying that with a hope that one day it could happen. It did happen.

Now as a people-all excuses just got shut down. No longer can we fall back on the age old excuse of color {not saying it disappeared} but this can no longer be our crutch. If something's not working out, well we need to work harder or find a different way to get it done!! How empowered does this make you feel? Yes we did!

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