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Seriously I wish people would GIVE IT UP-OBAMA IS PRESIDENT-DEAL WITH IT!!! I came across this article today(below)-it talks about the misstep during the oath yesterday. Yeah right-people are so pressed to try and find some reason for Obama not to be our President. Obviously these geniuses who wrote this aren't too smart because if they were they would know that at Noon on January 20th the President Elect automatically becomes President-power is automatically changed over-oath or not. The oath is merely a formality. And truth be told it wasn't Obama who messed up the oath it was our Chief Justice-Obama was nice enough to let him try again. Shouldn't we be more concerned that our Chief Justice does not know the Oath? hmmm...
Here's the article:

Does Oath Snafu Mean Obama Is Not Really The President?

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

Or is he?

Ponder this question from Marc Spear of Denver, Colo.:

The Oath of Office is the only direct quote in the U.S. Constitution. After Chief Justice John Roberts' mangling of the oath, Barack Obama "faithfully" misquoted, and that leads me to ask: Do we have a constitutional problem? Obama has not taken the oath as written in the Constitution, since the word "faithfully" was ultimately in the wrong place.

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  1. Yeah its all a bunch of rubbish, people have nothing better to do now-a-days since they're so broke because the economy sucks a big fat ass.

    He said his oath again a 2nd time, so maybe that would shut up those immensely idiotic people who assume others would think they are so smart just because they watch a snippet of the 5 o'clock news and have a "rebellious opinion" about it. Fuck them.

  2. Well he re-did the oath, so they can all shove it anyway. ;)