Hello My Name is...

I have an addiction and I really need help. I can't seem to walk into a store without purchasing something. I mean even if it's just nail polish-it's like a drug.
I went to the mall today with a friend of mine, with the goal to help her find a pair of jeans. Well somehow we left the mall and I had accomplished HER goal plus some! I mean I told myself that I would just chill but seriously I couldn't resist. I mean if it helps everything I bought was on sale *sheepishly grins*

*I've finally found my camera-will be posting pictures soon! Stay tuned =]

♥ rai


  1. Girl, I am the same way! I tried staying away from the mall but now all the stores I love have online shopping, there's just no way out! I figure as long as my bills are paid and my savings are in tact, I won't be too hard on myself when I splurge.

  2. I know how you feel! I suffer from the same condition, and I LOVE IT!!!!

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