Hello Kitty & MAC = Disappointment

I've been kind of MIA lately as I've been pretty busy and very tired. But I did get a chance to stop into MAC the other day. I had planned to go in and buy some of the Hello Kitty Collection. Unfortunately I was NOT impressed. My excitement had went down a little bit once I saw the individual pictures before it launched but I thought maybe the pictures just didn't do it justice. Well guys and dolls I was wrong. Seriously I was more excited over Barbie-and trust I LOVE me some Hello Kitty. I felt like I was the only one who wasn't feeling it. Like literally people were almost pushing me to look at the stuff and buy it. I felt like the odd woman out. I mean I really tried to get into it. I really looked at each thing and tried to love it but I just couldn't. I wasn't in the mood to buy it just because it had a hello kitty stamp on it either, so I passed.

♥ rai

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  1. Don't I feel the same. I went hyped up thinking I was going to buy so much stuff. Once I saw it I was like eh...