I'm a SEXY Bee--yatch...

so says Star over @ ...ramblings...

So yeah-my first award! Thanks girl =]

The rules are to list 5 sexy things about yourself & to tag 5 sexy bloggers
Here goes:

1. My legs
2. My smile
3. My mind
4. My lips
5. Just me in general...lol

five sexy bloggers:
1. Intricatelyt
2. Princess Mina
3. Just Life
4. But Seriously I babble...
5. JuJu

♥ rai


  1. Thanks girl!!! i'll too post this on my page and you definitely will be on my list :D

  2. Heckie yeah! I get to be a sexy blogger!! Suhweet! Thanks so much and I will totally do this !!! :)

  3. Thanks girl! You're so sweet Rai.