Review: ShoeDazzle

So I must say I am a shoe addict, like most girls I'm sure. Well you must imagine how excited I was to hear about ShoeDazzle. If you're not familiar with ShoeDazzle, it is basically an online shoe 'society' that is membership only. Each month the stylist send out 5 picks of shoes based on your survey, you pick a shoe you love (or request more options) and pay a flat rate of $39. If you don't like the shoes in your shoe picks or shoes are not in your budget for the month you can choose to skip the month. I have been a member for awhile now and my experience with them has been a good one. As for quality of the shoe, all the shoes I have ordered have been Michael Antonio, with one pair being ShoeDazzle (the blue and black ones below). So as for my experience the quality has been worth the $39, they are comfortable and so far they've worn well.The shoes I've received in my picks are usually fabulous and if not I request 5 more. If I still don't like them no biggie, I just skip the month.

If you're interested you can join the site at and if you have any questions just email me =]

Here are some of my favorites I've ordered from them =] ♥ the Blue and Black ones are my favorite, they're called Taryn!

♥ Sarai


  1. great shoes... my sis has the first shoe but in black

  2. Love the shoes can i have them on!?? LOL

  3. oops i meant"all" (love ur blog by the way)

  4. Do u get to keep the shoes or do u have to send them back?

  5. Love those black heels! Very fab. :D Keep up the posts, your blog is so cute. Following!