Review: Studio Tools Studio Finish Skunk Brush

This is a pretty good brush for what I paid for it. I've always looked at the MAC version of this brush (the 187 I THINK) but I haven't wanted to shell out the money for it. I found this a couple days ago at Target and it was actually on clearance for $4. Of course I jumped on it because if there is an opportunity to save some money, I'm all over it =] Anyway, I like this brush. I can't compare it to another of its kind because I do not own one like it. To me it did the job and did it fairly well. I normally use the 190 brush from MAC to apply my foundation, but wanted to try something different. It applied a nice layer of my foundation and it looked pretty flawless (sorry no pictures).

Sarai's Rating:
Would I buy this product again? Yes

Has anyone gotten this brush from Target or tried any of the other Studio Tools Brushes from there?


  1. I own a studio tools brush and I really love it. I want to try their Crease/blending brush but it's always out of stock.

    Great post Btw :)

  2. I love this brush!! It is absolutely my favorite. I honestly think it's better than the MAC 187. I've heard from many people that the MAC 187 sheds a ton. I've been using the Studio Tools dual-finish brush for over a year and it hasn't shed blends my makeup on smoothly and I can't say enough about it.

    Btw, they're discontinuing this brush for some reason (boooo!!) at Target so I went by there last week and bought all they had in stock (6). LOL. I'm good for a while now...and they were on clearance for $3.48!

    Sorry, my comment was so long. I just get really excited when people talk about this brush. Hope you love it like I do!

  3. Jo-That's funny because it's always out of stock here too! Maybe its awesome since it's always gone =]

    Miss P-Thanks for the heads up I didn't know they were discontinuing the brush, I definitely need to stock up then if mine has anymore left!