Mini Shoe Haul: Charlotte Russe

Hey Dolls,

I wanted to share with you guys these shoes I bought from Charlotte Russe. I love shoes as I'm sure most of you do too-so I do not care about where I buy my shoes if they are cute then I will wear them =]
The first pair are very simple but for some reason I just really liked them. They are super comfy as well.

The next pair are my faves that I got that day (they were having a buy one get the second for $10). My friend said they were ugly BUT I don't care because I LOVE them. They are so colorful and versatile, I see me wearing them a lot this summer.

So those are my shoes that I got-I love them!! I need to stop buying shoes though and buy some summer clothes because my summer wardrobe is pitiful right now, lol....hopefully I'll have a clothing haul soon =]
Have you guys bought any new shoes lately to add to your summer collection?

I also did a video on this-I know some people read blogs while they are at work or something and cannot always watch a video so I will still blog but I will post the vid on here also for those who are able to watch =]


  1. Those are not ugly at all!! Too cute both of them! xoxo

  2. love the shoes, and the video! You seem to have a very cute bubbly personality!

  3. Those wedges are so cute hun! Very nice for summer :D

  4. hi hun! i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so feel free to check it out! =D

  5. Okay, i'm so in love with the wedges, can i have them plz!

    Nice blog, loving it!

  6. thanks dolls, I knew my friend had no clue what she was talking about lol

  7. Hi I' m new here,your blog is so cute!!! Congrats!
    I love the first one but I like the second pair too ahahah definitely I love shoes!!!

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