Video: April Favorites

Hey Dolls,

I've been saying FOREVER I was going to start doing more videos-I actually like doing them but just never have the time. I did my faves for the month of April (late I know!) as a vid (I actually did this like a week ago but hated it so I re-recorded it), I recorded it with my Macbook camera and it looked clear when I viewed it on my computer but when I uploaded it to YouTube it looks super blurry. Does anyone know how to fix that? Next time I will do the video with my camera and see what difference that makes.

I say 'uhm' alot and 'AND'...I'm not sure why I never really noticed it before lol but whatever...
Do you guys like the video? I want to hear your feedback...If you do I may start doing something like Fashion Fridays or something...let me know in the comments =]

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  1. I see you have a MACdaddy like me lol. I just bought that elf bronzing and contouring powder but i have yet to use it. Seeing it on another woman of color makes me even more confident about using it.

  2. I came across your blog, and I love it! I love the nail polishes you chose, the mint apple color! I look forward to see more video's from you :D

    Check out my blog and follow please :D

  3. I love video blogs : ) i do them on my site as well.

    Nice blog post : ) following your blog ... have you had a chance to follow mine and check out my new post? Would love for you to stop by when you are free.

    Hope to see you there!