What's in MY bag?????

Hey Dolls,

I absolutely LOVE watching the 'what's in my bag' vids on youtube for some reason, so I thought I would do one myself, finally. So here's the video, Enjoy! What's the ONE thing in your bag you couldn't do without??

(I swear YT picks the oddest shots from my vids, they're never the pretty ones, lol)

Totally random but I just love this theme on my BB--I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!


  1. You're so cheery! Love your personality. I love watching these videos too, thanks for doing this!

    xo, Diana

  2. I love your hair by the way. I've prob said it before.
    I too love my bberry


  3. Oh you are so gooorgeous!!! And your make up is amazing,congrats girl!
    How many cute things in your bag!

  4. @Kim Thank you so much!

    @clau thanks hun!

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