Makeup is great...but is YOUR skin FAB? --upcoming series: Back to Basics

Hey Dolls,

Lately while I still love makeup, I have really been focusing on my skin and taking care of it. Makeup is great of course I LOVE it!! However, let's be real putting makeup on skin that's been neglected is kind of a bummer. I mean I, for one am not impressed to walk into a makeup store or to a counter and the person trying to sell me makeup has not so great skin underneath her makeup. Now I understand some things can't always be helped such as that breakout we sometimes get before our monthly little friend...but in general makeup should ENHANCE not my opinion of course.
I am looking for a new skin care regimen as I'm not really feeling my current one anymore. I don't really need acne treatment but more so products that will help prevent aging etc and that promote skin that is luminous and not dull. Any suggestions??!
(And on a side note-the way our skin looks is not just dependent on the skin care products we use on the outside but what we put INTO our body as well. Drinking lots of water (staying hydrated), eating fruits and veggies all contribute as well.)
So with this being said my next post may not necessarily be about makeup but we are going to start the new year off with the basics...basics of skin care that is. So ta-ta for now my lovelies--I shall be back later this week with a post to kick off the series...


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  1. My regimen includes putting olive oil at the bottom of the eyes where the little cracks try to creep up :) after I wash my face every night. I also put it on my eyelids lightly as it helps with dark circles. LOTS of water is key too for moody skin. It happens-- Vitamin E helps.