Some Valentine Treats...

So we all know what holiday is coming up next...they've only been promoting it since the day after Christmas it seems lol...Valentine's Day! I love V-day but more so because I like to eat treats and sweets. I never really ask for anything because I think it can be a bit of an overrated holiday but to each his own right....well anyway who can resist the fabulous pink items that seem to surface during this time of year? While I won't be throwing any 'bows lol to get any of these items I thought they were super cute...take a look
Skincare Brush - BCA Pink $195
Skincare Brush $195 Sephora

Perfect Ten Brush Set ($150 Value) $60
I think this brush set is super cute, not sure about the quality but how adorable are they?!
Sephora Perfect Ten Pink Brush Set $60 Sephora

Metro Train Case - Pink $98
Metro Train Case in pink $98 Sephora

Flower Kabuki Brush Set
How cute are these brushes!!! $34

Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set
Another pink brush set, super glam! Sephora

Hello Kitty Brush Set $49
Hello Kitty Brush Set $49 Sephora

Hello Kitty Shower Cap $16
Hello Kitty Shower Cap $16 Sephora

What's on your Valentine's day wishlist: Let me know in the comments below...


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