Glamorously Savvy: Up the Amp is Heavenly


Hey Dolls,

Ok guys I'm starting a new little 'series' on my blog called Glamorously Savvy. I want to show you guys my finds for less expensive alternatives to the more expensive lines of makeup and beauty products. I know not everyone can always afford (or even want to pay) a $14.00 lipstick from MAC, but there are less expensive dupes (duplicates) out there most of the time. So today I am showing MAC Up the Amp and Rimmel Heavenly. Up the Amp is a beautiful lavender violet color that I think is very pretty especially for spring. So for you dolls that have been eyeing MAC's Up the Amp, I've found you a fabulous savvy dupe from Rimmel called Heavenly.

Price Comparison:
MAC Up the Amp $14.00 vs. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Heavenly $5.49 (prices taken from MAC &

As you can see Rimmel does not look as creamy and thick as Up the Amp and more sheer. But it goes on just the same as Up the Amp and it is a very buildable color. As you can see from the lip swatches it looks just alike and this was taken in natural daylight.
I think that this is a great dupe and I hope that this helped someone that may have wanted Up the Amp =]

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  1. Up the Amp is actually a color I've been wanting!! Good to know, thanks!!

  2. Great post. Both shades look lovely on you.

  3. What a great idea. This is really helpful when it comes to lipsticks I'm still kinda new so this can help me pick out the cheaper ones until I'm confident about buying the MAC ones.

  4. Wow they look almost the same! Very pretty pink. Great find girly


  5. The MAC amp up is hawtness!

    Dope Blog.


  6. Wow great idea, thanx for doin the dupe comparisons, they really do look just alike!

  7. Wow that is a great color. I will have to check out the rimmel one! Thanks for the suggestion doll ;) xoxo

  8. hay gorgeouss..
    this is my first time on your blog.. and i love it so much, so im following your blog,
    would you check out mine and follow me back?
    kisss :*

  9. I adore Up the amp. It is one of my favorite mac lipsticks. Petals and Peacocks and Up the amp is in competition for my love.

  10. Wow such bold yet flattering shades! I'm DYING to try the Rimmel lippies now! Great blog by the way, I just started following you!

  11. Hey you changed your blog name?? I love it! I am like"where is "love sarai"? lol. I love it! Up the amp looks great on you,,funny thing is.. I tried that on last night at MAC for the first time(I almost never wear lipstick) and it looked hot! So two thumbs up to you!..

  12. @Charm thanks girl...I love up the amp =]


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