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I wanted to share my go-to blushes with you all today! Most of these are blushes that I've used for quite some time and continue to reach for often, regardless of any new shades I pick up. As you can see, my favorite blushes are mainly from MAC. I love MAC, in fact I'll be writing another post soon about my MAC must haves!! Just a little note, some of the photos just  do not do these shades justice as they are all so beautiful! 

Ok so on to my go-to blushes.

1- The first blush is Sunbasque by MAC. As you can see by the photos, I use this one quite a bit! Sunbasque is described as a gilded peach with pearl and is a sheertone shimmer powder blush. I use this super heavy in the spring/summer months, but I still use it plenty in the cooler months. I think this is a great blush, and depending on your skin tone, could also be used as a bronzer. I love that it gives subtle color on the days I don't want much, but need something. It lasts quite a while as well.

2 - Next up is Fever, also by MAC. Fever is a matte powder blush and is described as an intense reddish-burgundy. So this blush is the only one in this post which is the most new to me. I purchased this a few months ago to replace a favorite which was discontinued. I love this blush so much! I have been wearing this almost daily, it lasts all day, is super pigmented, and blendable. Because it is so pigmented and a little goes a long way, I apply with a very light hand and build it up. If not, you could end up looking like a clown! I love blush so for me I wear this blush during the day and at night. For some, it may be too much for daytime wear, but either way i think it's a great shade to have in your arsenal.

3 - Pinch O' Peach, also by MAC, is a peachy pink with a satin finish.  This is one I usually reach for when I just want a nice glow with some color. I've had this one for awhile but I still love it. I use this one a lot during the more warmer months, it's add the perfect amount of color without being too much.

4 - Raizin is a golden reddish brown with a matte finish. For many WOC, this is a holy grail blush and is often recommended at the MAC counter. I'll be honest and say it is not my favorite blush but I do admit it's a nice shade and looks very nice on. So why did this blush make the list you ask?? I'm actually asking myself the same thing, lol, just kidding. Seriously though, I reach for this blush when I can't decide or when I don't want to think about blush for the day. For me, it goes with everything and looks beautiful on. Raizin is basically like a neutral blush for me. I can wear it with anything and it just goes, not much thought involved. It's complimentary to almost any look, wears well for daytime, and transitions nicely for nighttime. I know it will last and it is pretty. To me, it's just a staple I'll probably always keep in my blush palette.

5 - Next is Taj Mahal by NARS. Taj Mahal is a burnished orange with golden shimmer. This is such a beautiful shade and really looks amazing on warmer skin tones, but will work for anyone depending on how you apply it. This is a highly pigmented blush and a little definitely goes a long way. Wear time is great and it applies smooth and even. This is perfect for the summer months or a warm weather getaway!

6 - Last we have Nude to Me by NYX, an ombre blush. I love this blush! The Ombre Blush line with NYX are gradient blushes. This particular shade has a golden color and gradually changes into a more bronzed shade. I like this blush because the golden color can also be used as a highlight so it's almost like 2-in-1. I usually reach for this on the days I want subtle color with a little highlight as well. This is also the most affordable blush of them all! 

All of these blushes last me ALL day! I never feel like my blush faded or disappeared with any of these. They are more than worth the price because the amount of product is a lot and you only need a little bit. I usually apply my blush with THIS brush, sometimes, I use THIS as well, which is a great affordable brush! Also, just in case you were wondering, I love using the MAC Pro palette pans, for several reasons - once you buy the basic refillable palette, you can choose to make your own palette with your favorite shades. The shades are also less expensive this way and it helps cut down on too many different products floating around your makeup space. You can do this with blush, powders and shadows as well. I honestly forget if they sell these at the counter but they are available in a MAC store and online. 

Do you use any of these? If not, what are some of your go-to blushes?? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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