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If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you would have seen quite a few clips of an awesome event I had the pleasure to attend this past weekend here in Kansas City, the West 18th Street Fashion Show. It was a great event I must say, and I'm glad I was able to be apart of it. I was able to get a behind the scenes look at the beautiful chaos that happens before a big event like this and I was also able to speak with many from the hair and makeup teams, as well as several designers. This was the 18th year the show has been in production, their Golden Birthday, and the theme was Summer Migration inspired by movement, heritage and history.

Here are some of the makeup looks that I really loved 

(Images from Gabe Lewis)

Leslie Fraley of Fine Folk (read her bio HERE)
I loved the wash of color over the eyes! Leslie wanted the makeup to embody a migrating warrior woman "ready to kick ass" yessss!!

 (Image from blind hog photography)

Amani of Skala Designs & Jennifer of J.Tierney Designs (read their bio HERE)
I loved the romantic vibe from this collection. Their hair and makeup was an evolution from old school romantic with structure to messy romantic and finally, to an elegant romantic look. I loved all the dewy finishes and huge dose of highlight!

(Images from blind hog photography)

Nataliya Meyer of LUCIA'S SARTO  
I loved loved loved her collection. From makeup to the designs, she was amazing and I was so inspired by her looks. Nataliya's designs were inspired by the military, beautiful but yet strong. The makeup and hair reflected this as well, with complimentary colors and accents and bold beautiful headpieces.

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Sydney Pener, a Metalsmith, who uses her knowledge and techniques to create stunning one a kind jewelry and artwork. She presented accessories during the closing of the show. You can read her West 18th Street Fashion Show bio HERE 

(Image from blind hog photography)

Her pieces were not only stunning, but unique!  Here are a few snippets from our interview.

Q: Tell me about your designs
Sydney: So I'll take antique platters or antique silvers and cut and rework it or rebuild from scratch. My crowns are antique chandelier glass so they are supposed to be about beauty, art, life, much like a higher level ballroom that's been crashed by circumstance - the idea of fleeing. Beautiful decadence.

(Image from blind hog photography)

Q: Where do you find inspiration?
Sydney: I find old objects, like for instance, metal fans made into a crown. I'll find an object and recreate it.

(Image from blind hog photography)

Q: Who are you trying to reach with your designs?
Sydney: I really just feel like people will see something beautiful.

Sydney also uses her  craft for Operation Art, an organization for Veterans. You can check the organization out HERE   

(Images from Gabe Lewis)

So what did I wear? Well I contemplated this for a little bit and was undecided up until the last minute. Since this was the Golden Birthday of the fashion show and the theme was Summer Migration, I wanted to wear something that was dressy, yet simple, chic yet effortless. Something that would also stand out. I chose a beautiful simple, metallic slip dress with simple strappy rose gold heels.

For makeup, I definitely used the Golden Birthday as my inspiration. I decided to go with various shades of gold and bronze on the eye with a pop of color on the lower lash line. If there were ever a time to highlight, this was the night! I bathed in it, ha! I used it not only on my face but also used it on my shoulders, collar bones and décolleté area. I used the Shayla x Colourpop Perception palette on my eyes (review coming soon!). 

Here are some other snaps from the show!
[Loved connecting with other Bloggers and volunteers!]

[I had a great time with my fellow blogger friend, Tanya! Visit her website, Refining Clay HERE]

 [BTS shots]

 [I loved watching the makeup artists at work]

 [These girls were serving!]

[More makeup and hair BTS]

Congratulations to all of the designers who showed their collections. I was so inspired! The West 18th Street Fashion Show is an amazing event. I'm glad I was able to attend! If you're local to the KC area, I highly recommend this as something you don't want to miss next year. You can check out more information on their website HERE

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