How to Make Your Concealer Look Better With a Few Simple Tips


Concealer is definitely that product I cannot live without. From helping to cover a blemish or my dark dark undereye circles, making me look more awake, or to helping me highlight and contour, concealer does it all! Concealer, if used incorrectly, can definitely make you look like a clown in real life and in photos. To help you get the most out of your concealer and avoid this, I'm giving a few of my simple tips. Read on for how to make sure your concealer is working in your favour rather than against you. 

Tip #1: DON'T choose a concealer that is too light. Don't let these Instagram tutorials fool you. For normal wear, choosing a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter for under the eyes is perfect. Any lighter, you run the risk of that dreaded white under eye cast we see often in photos. (This includes using a setting powder that's too light as well) This also applies to the concealer you use to shape your brows. It's just hard to make this look natural at any point in time. If there is a time I want a bit more brightening under my eye what I will do is put my normal concealer under my eye then I will blend that in and go back over top of this with a few dots of the lighter concealer to brighten it up even more and just in the inner corner. I find this works better than just putting an extra light concealer on the whole area and having to deal with that. If I'm concealing a blemish I will use a shade close to my skin tone since I don't want to draw attention to it. 

Tip #2: DO blend, blend, and blend some more. Whether you're using a beauty blender or a brush make sure your concealer is blended into the skin. When you think you're done, blend it one more time. There should be no harsh lines. 

Tip #3: DO prep your undereye area just as you prep your skin. Moisturize under your eyes prior to concealer application. Making sure this area is moisturised with a good eye cream will help your concealer look better and will help fight off dryness under the eye.

Tip #4: DO use the correct tools. This can be your beauty blender, brush, or fingers (Fingers can be a good option because they warm up the concealer prior to application).

Tip #5: DON'T be afraid to use a color correcting concealer before your foundation if necessary. If you have any acne or dark circles using a color corrector will help neutralise the discolouration before you apply foundation.

Tip #6: DO apply your foundation before your concealer (unless it's a color corrector). If you apply it the other way around your concealer may move around once you apply foundation on top.

These are my top tips to make your concealer look better. Hope this helps!

I've also linked some of my favourite concealers below. What is your favorite concealer?

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