January 2011 favorites


Hey Dolls,

So I haven't done one of these in FOREVER!!! Hopefully I'll get back into the routine of doing these monthly. I'm hoping to get myself on a posting schedule also.
Anyway the month of January was an extremely busy one for me if you follow me on Twitter you'll notice I have been MIA lately but for good reason. Anyway I am settled into my new house and things are finally beginning to calm down and return to normal. Needless to say my makeup routine this month has been very quick and to the point as you can see by the products used lol...
A very basic look has been my staple and while I've put on shadow here and there I can hardly categorize any of them as a favorite for January. (oh and fyi my lips do look a little white not because they are chapped but I was doing a lip treatment lol and forgot to rub it off before taking the photos, oops!)
The lineup:
♥ MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC50; Revlon Colorstay in Caramel; RImmel Lash Maxx in Blackest Black (btw I love this mascara. If you've ever noticed my lashes when I don't have falsies on-my header photos for example-my lashes are CRAZY! and no amount of curling, hot curling, or mascara layering will change them, hence why I usually just throw falsies on, but this stuff really separates them as best as I've ever experienced lol); MAC MSF in Deep Dark; MAC paint pot in Groundwork; Loreal liquid liner pen....not shown: brow powder, blush (I do vary the shades from day to day), MAC Gold Deposit, and I do vary my lipcolor day to day also).

I've been loving a winged liner with just Groundwork as a base on most days, it's a really nice clean easy look that still gives that glam factor =]

On a Side note I have committed to doing some construction on my blog to make it a little more aesthetically appealing =] so bear with me while the changes do take place...If you've done a favorites post for the month of January I want to see!! Leave a comment with the link to your post...


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