Wet-n-Wild Haul


Hey Dolls,

I love Wet-n-Wild...they've soo stepped up their game. I remember when I was younger and first started wearing makeup (I mean FIRST started) and my mom and I would be at the grocery store and I would always want a gloss or a lipliner or something and I would always pick up the WNW because they were so cheap. As I grew up I stopped wearing them because my mom told it would break me out lol and upgraded me to some different brands. However, since then I've revisited my childhood makeup of choice I guess you would say, and boy let me say they have definitely become a little force to be reckoned with haha...I mean some of their shadows can give MAC a good run for its money (in my opinion of course). The best part about it? They're sooo cheap!! I love it. I'm a little embarrassed because I own way too many of these WNW palettes, lol...Anyway I picked up two of their tri-color palettes the other day and wanted to share.
and here are the swatches:
OMG the colors in the I'm Getting Sunburned palette are absolutely gorgeous and super pigmented. I like the other palette too and know it will be super cute once I put a primer underneath. But I still think it's great bang for your buck.
Do you own any of these palettes? How do like them?


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  1. I've seen and heard sooooo many great reviews on these palettes. Hopefully, I will pick up a couple eventually lol. I'm trying my hardest to not buy so much makeup but youtube and reading other blogs isn't helping of course. Can't wait to see the looks you create : )

    BTW.....I love your picture in your heading. You are Gorg!!!

  2. Thanks so much! And I definitely know what you mean, I tried so hard not to purchase any but I kept hearing such great things about them I just couldn't pass them up =]