DIY Makeup Remover


I wanted to share with you my favorite way to remove my makeup at night. I do this before I use my cleanser. I've tried other ways to remove makeup but I think this is by far the most effective AND it's super easy and inexpensive. Ready??

Coconut oil and water. It's ahhh-mazing! Unless you live under a rock, I'm sure you've heard of all the miraculous powers of coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, a cooking oil, conditioner, lip scrub (when mixed with sugar)...the list could go on and on - go ahead google it! **I know some with oily skin may be hesitant to use this but try it and see how it works on your skin. I have oily skin and I find that because I use this and also wash my face, my skin is extra soft and not greasy.**

So this is what you'll need:

I used a little container that once belonged to eye makeup removed from The Body Shop. You can also buy little bottles like this from the travel section at Target.

My Coconut oil is from Trader Joes - yes this is an empty jar because I was going to use this jar for a project (which I STILL haven't done...), so I put the coconut oil in a tupperware container.

So this is what I do:

Pour a little warm water in the bottle (now I didn't measure this like a food recipe or anything, I just eye-balled it but I promise you can't really mess this up, you can do it!)

Then I melted a few teaspoons of coconut oil and poured it into the bottle . The coconut oil can be melted either by microwave or by putting the jar under hot water.

I think if I had to put a ratio on it I would probably say I use almost close to equal parts water to coconut oil. I played with it a few times to see what I liked best. I like mine pretty heavy with coconut oil as I think it's more effective.

shake it up and wa-la my very own makeup remover! (I shake it before use each time to mix the oil and water)

I pour a little bit of this onto a cotton face pad and wipe away.

This works perfect for taking off ALL of my makeup (even that annoying mascara).

So there you go, one more use for coconut oil to add to your list. You're welcome :)


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