What is Double Cleansing and How to Use it in Your Skincare Routine


Double Cleansing, I'm sure you've heard these two words floating around the internet, in skincare groups, instagram and the like. Today I just wanted to talk about what double cleansing is, how I use it in my skincare routine and how you can apply this method to yours.

{Products I'm currently using at the moment, Clinique Take the Day Off, Balea Cleansing Oil (German drugstore brand), & Cerave Facial Cleanser}

What is double cleansing?
Ok so what is double cleansing? Double cleansing means exactly as it sounds - cleansing twice. Double cleansing involves using an oil based cleanser or balm like this one by Clinique. This oil based first step breaks down the makeup, SPF, bacteria and whatever else has settled on our skin. Oils are attracted to other oils so they can dissolve the oil based ingredients in our sunscreen and other products. Once this step is complete you follow up with a water based cleanser to actually cleanse the skin and remove the impurities. I currently use this by Cerave.

Why you should double cleanse?
For some this may seem 'extra' or unnecessary, esp if you don't wear a lot of makeup daily. Although if anything you should be wearing sunscreen (and if you're not please start doing so ASAP!). But back to what I was saying, throughout the day so much settles onto our face. Think about it - SPF, makeup,  pollutants, sweat, and airborne bacteria all settle on our face daily. If your skin is not cleaned thoroughly these things will sit on our skin and clog our pores - which will lead to problems I promise you don't want. When you double cleanse you are making sure your face is really clean. 

Another reason to double cleanse is so that your skin is ready to receive the serums or any other skincare you may use in your nightly routine. Having clean skin will help these serums and moisturizers penetrate deeper ultimately helping them do their job.

How often should you double cleanse?
I'm not a dermatologist so it may differ from person to person, but I like to double cleanse nightly. I don't think this is necessary in the morning. 

Do you double cleanse? If so, what are you currently using? I'd love to know in the comments!

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  1. I LOVE double cleansing whether I wear a lot of makeup one day or not. I start with Albolene's moisturizing cleanser and then I use a salicylic acid wash then finish with aloe toner!