Easy 15 Minute Everyday Makeup Routine


Hello! Today I wanted to share my easy 15-18 minute everyday makeup routine that I use. This is great for everyday or the days you don't have a lot of time to spend on makeup but still want to look put together. I usually do this most days when I'm short on time. If lashes are not quick for you then you can omit them and this will easily be a 10-15 min makeup routine depending on how fast you work. If you struggle with lash application (and it's something you want to do regularly) I say practice, practice, practice! It gets easier! I can put lashes on so quick now, the longest part is waiting for the glue to dry. If you want a lash tutorial, let me know in the comments. I'd be happy to show you how I put mine on my curly lashes quickly!

Here is how I achieved this look:

I love to use either the Becca Ever Matte Primer  or the e.l.f Poreless Putty Primer (which I talked about in this post. The best way to use the Becca Primer is to dab it onto your skin, do not rub it in or it will create little white balls. I use the smallest amount necessary and only use it in areas I tend to get the oiliest (around my nose and cheek).

[Some days I will color correct, some days I forget. But this is a quick step. When I do color correct I use This One from Maybelline.]

Brows take me the longest so I usually do them early in my routine. This way if I run out of time and have to abandon a step later in the routine, at least my brows are done lol. I use THIS pencil from CoverGirl. 

I have a post talking about my favorite foundations (read HERE) - I usually use any of these foundations. I usually use this Real Techniques brush.

Lately, I've been using either the Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer [shade - Maple] or the Loreal Infallible Concealer [shade - Honey]. If I'm really tired and in need of brightening I will layer an even brighter concealer over top (but just one or two dabs!). 

Setting Powder
I don't bake when I do this routine (in fact I don't bake much at all, ever, because it can look cakey on me), instead I put the Fenty Setting Powder [shade - Honey] under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose and on my forehead with a brush just patting it into the skin. I sometimes use my Laura Mercier Velour Puff to pat it into the skin opposed to the brush. Just depends on what I can grab first. (You can also use a Beauty Blender as well)

I don't use a cream contour most days - I will usually just go in with my Fenty Bronzer [shade - COCO Naughty] to warm up the face and slightly contour my nose)

Since this is a quick(-ish) routine I don't usually use eyeshadow BUT I do go in with my bronzer and put it in the crease of my eyes to add dimension. I will also add bronzer on my Lower lash line for depth as well. This definitely gives an illusion you spent more time on your makeup than you really did. And depending on what you like you can go heavy or light on how much bronzer you use. 

I am a blush girl. I don't think my makeup looks complete without a sweep of color on my cheeks so I usually will use either MAC  [shade - Hard to Get], KIKO Smart Colour Blush [shade 05 - this is a coral color, European brand] or Bare Minerals Bounce & Blur [shade - Mauve Sunrise]. I usually will use Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector [shade - Chocolate Geode] if I choose to highlight and most days I've just been using it on the tip and bridge of my nose. 

Okay so when I'm wearing lashes I will put the glue on before I start mascara so it can get tacky and I'm not waiting around for it. I like to use the Kiss Brush-On Lash Adhesive, it's my favorite! I used to always use THIS ONE as well and it was good too! 
As for mascara, I love to make my bottom lashes dramatic so I like to use THIS Lash Primer and I love using the Loreal Lash Paradise or Too Faced Better Than Sex. Oh and my favorite lashes are from KISS!

I'll be honest here - most days I put on my lipcolor in the car lol...mostly because my favourites stay in my makeup bag in my purse. Also, going through my lip stash can really derail me and get me off track if I'm pressed for time because I can't really decide what to use. So it's best if I just stick with a favorite and go with what I keep in my purse.

I spray my face with the NYX Matte Setting Spray and I'm done! 

What does your everyday makeup routine consist of? I'd love to know in the comments!

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