Friday Finds - Valentine's Edition


+Fun take on champagne glasses - I want these!! How cool and they have great reviews.

+Pink silicone straws - Love my silicone and metal straws! Also, they are so great for the environment!

+Mug- I'm a mug lover - this one is too cute!

+AirPods - I received AirPods for Christmas and I LOVE them so much. Not sure why it took so long for me to get them but now I can't live without them!

+AirPods case - I want this to go with my AirPods as well!

+Fun cocktail book for any occasion - Always good to have a book with cocktail ideas. I find I work better from a book than online so this is perfect!

+Stemware - I love classic, simple but chic stemware

+Unique cheese board - I love cheese boards (read my suggestions on how to build a cheese board HERE) - here's a chic one!

+Book about herbal living - I'm really into Adaptogens and this is such a great book that I highly recommend. 

+Slippers - Slippers are always a good idea and these are super cute!

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