How to Achieve Glowing Skin this Spring


I'm all about the healthy skin glow, aren't we all? Glowing, healthy skin makes you appear less stressed, well rested and younger, which is always a win in my book. Today I'm sharing some of my tips for achieving healthy, glowing skin this Spring and Summer (and all year long!). 

Repair - Exfoliation is key in achieving healthy glowing skin as you're removing the dead skin that has accumulated on the top layer of the skin. Doing this makes your skin smoother and clearer. You can accomplish this with a physical or chemical exfoliator. Physical exfoliation would be like using a scrub or a tool specifically designed for exfoliation. My favorite type of exfoliation to use, even at home, is chemical exfoliation. I love using THIS peeling solution from The Ordinary. It also has such a great price point for a great product. I've recently started using THIS one from Peter Thomas Roth and I've seen great results as well. 

Brightening products - Vitamin C is a great product to use for glow. I use vitamin C as part of my morning skincare routine. I've recently started using the Vitamin C and Turmeric Oil  from Sunday Riley and I like it a lot. While I can't speak to how it works over time, when I use it I do see an immediate glow. I'll be sure to update with its use over time. Other products you can look for are those that have 'brightening' in the description such as Niacinamide.  

Hydrate & Protect - Next you want to make sure to hydrate and protect your skin. When skin is moisturised, it appears plump and healthy making it appear more glow-y. I do like THIS one from Glow Recipe and also THIS one from Weleda. After you've hydrated, during the day you want to make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen. An exfoliation on your skin makes it more prone to sun damage, causing dark spots for example. My favorite sunscreens are Black Girl SunscreenSuperGoop, and Shiseido.

Glow from the inside out - You are what you eat! Make sure you're fueling your body with antioxidant rich foods such as berries and nuts. And drink your water. No better way to hydrate than to drink enough water regularly. Our bodies reflect how we treat it, when we treat it good and fuel it with good things, our skin shows it!

Makeup to help you glow - While glowing skin starts with what you eat and healthy skin, you can always take a bit of help from your beauty products. Like THIS body oil from Fenty Beauty is great to put on your whole body for an all over glow. The Highlighters from Bobbi Brown are great for sweeping on your cheeks and forehead and nose, don't forget the collar bone and shoulders as well. Don't forget the lips - achieve glow-y, glossy lips with the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, it's really one of my favorite lip products. 

Now go and get your glow on girl!


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