Friday Five - 5 Things from Around the Internet making Me Happy


 Happy Friday! I haven't done one of these in awhile so I thought I'd do a Friday Five with things from around the internet I've been loving. These don't fit any particular category as you'll see, they are just items that have put a smile on my face, regardless of how small. Hope you enjoy, let's go...

1 - Vacuum Wine Saver - Ever open a bottle wine, put a wine stopper in it and then go back to it a few days later to find it doesn't smell or taste great? Well as I was trying to cut down on drinking much wine during the week, I was at my friend's house and they pulled out this little gadget to preserve wine once it had been opened. I immediately ordered it for myself and I'm so glad I did. It sucks the air out of the bottle so it lasts longer. It's definitely worth it!

2 - Moon Juice Spirit Dust - I started using this and I really do like it a lot. It is a mix of Adaptogens (read more about that HERE) and I truly do feel the difference when using. Although much of the world has retuned to somewhat normal, here in Germany we are still in lockdown and it does affect my mood not being able to go places or see friends much. I like to use it in my morning coffee as it helps with my stress and anxiety and really does help me start my day more calm.

3 - Rituals Body Cream - I love this body cream so much. They have these stores all over Europe and I had never gone into one but recently did when the stores opened for a few days. Not sure why it took me so long but either way I'm glad I did. The smell is amazing and it glides on beautiful. I like to mix mine with a little body oil at night for an even more luxurious feeling. 

4 - Metallic Frame Sunglasses - Just ordered these from Mango and I'm so excited to get them. I love sunglasses and especially many of the styles out right now. 

5 - Cloud Clutch - I ordered this from Amazon the other day and I cannot wait to get it as well. I'm sure you've seen the cloud clutches all over the internet, while this isn't the designer version I'm happy to have found a dupe that looks great and has good reviews. I'll definitely update with thoughts when I receive it. 

Have a great weekend!

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