Loungewear Picks for Staying home


Hello! Not sure about you guys but I know it's essential to my sanity to get dressed and look somewhat presentable on these long days at home. Since I've been working from home most days and homeschooling the kids, it's been essential for me to get dressed, it helps me switch over to work mode easier than if I stay in pj's. I realized once we were told to stay home I didn't have much loungewear. I had a few things but not much. When looking at loungewear I look for chic yet affordable. Loungewear is also a great time to try a trend you normally wouldn't - like tie dye!

I've linked a few things I've seen around the web. Nasty Gal (everything is always on sale and they sell sets which I love), Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target all have some really cute affordable pieces. Most places have been having sales and if you're still shopping right now you can find some good deals on loungewear!

+Knitted Sweater and Pants Set - This is the one I'm wearing in the photos!

Hope you're all staying safe out there and staying glam while home! 

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