Born This Way The Natural Nudes Palette : Swatches and Review.


Hey girl hey!! Today I'm reviewing the Born This Way Natural Nudes Palette. I hadn't seen many people talk about this palette, especially many women of color and because of my love for nudes I decided to try it out. I wanted to share with you my thoughts with swatches of the shades just in case you were looking for a neutral palette or this is a palette you had your eye on but couldn't make up your mind.

Before I get into my thoughts and swatches here's a little info about the palette. The Born This Way Natural Nudes palette was inspired by the Born This Way Foundation in which it aims to cater to all skin tones. The palette consists of 16 modern nude shades - 8 matte and 8 metallic. The palette is very chic and I like the way the shadows are arranged. You can see the matte shades are bigger than the metallic shades which makes sense because matte shades are used more than metallic (usually). Also, it seems that each metallic shade compliments the matte shade it is paired with. I like this! It makes it easy for beginners or those who have a hard time pairing shades. The palette also contains a mirror which is always a good idea for a palette (and for the price, $45)

If you're familiar with Too Face eyeshadow palettes, you may notice a difference in packaging compared to many of their other palettes. Many of their other palettes come in a metal tin and are very "cute." However, this palette has cardboard packaging and has more of a sleek, streamlined look. I think it goes with the theme of the palette and I really don't mind it.


 Left to Right (starting with the metallic): Shimmering Pearl, Seashell, Glistening Snow, Swan

Left to right:  Rose Gold, Petal, Sparkling Sand, Nude, Shimmering Pearl

Left to Right: Golden Light, Maple, Sparkling Rum, Warm Rose

Top to Bottom: Cocoa, Sugared Chestnut, Truffle, Sparkling Sable

My thoughts:
I like this palette a lot. I even included it in my April Favorites post. Now let's be real, is this an innovative palette? No. That's me being honest. BUT I still think this palette is worth purchasing. The shadows are creamy and pigmented, they. blend well and they are buildable. You can definitely pull daytime looks from this palette as well as nighttime glam. I am able to use all of the shadows in some way although I haven't really touched the first shade, Swan, much. Otherwise I think all of the shadows are very wearable. I think this is a great palette for beginners because of the versatility of the shades. Also, the way the shades are arranged make it easy to put together a look. I also think this is great if you're a makeup lover as well because it's a beautiful and simple palette. I am glad I purchased this palette and have gotten a lot of use for it! 

For this look I used Maple & Cocoa in the crease, a little Truffle in the outer corner, Golden Light on the lid, Truffle on the bottom lash line and also to line the top.

What are your thoughts? Do you own this palette? Thinking about it?

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